Meet The Board

Sarah Clarke

Sarah Clarke (She, Her, Hers)
President and Founder

Sarah Clarke is an activist, musician, equity advocate and mother living in Portland, OR. Perhaps best known as the vocalist of Dirty Revival, she can be found on stages with a variety of acts in the Pacific Northwest. With a industry halt on touring and performing, Sarah has been able to focus on her passion for advocacy work, and in June of 2020 she founded Musicians in Solidarity, working with like minded individuals to build more equitable and inclusive avenues through the world of music.

She is one of several Portland musicians working to develop the community run record group People Music, a label dedicated to supporting artists through the creative and business sides of the music making process, all while operating with the core belief that artists should retain ownership of their creations.

Sarah is also the co-director of Music Portland’s Black Equity program, LEAP, focused on building equitable infrastructure within Portland’s musical ecosystem.

Kina Lyn Muir  (She, Her, Hers)
Vice President

Kina Lyn Muir is a multi-instrumentalist, live performer, private music teacher, enthusiastic volunteer and activist, and a wife and mother based in the Portland Metro Area. Known for her many years of being a bandleader for groups such as Twisted Whistle, Kozmic Tilt, and Divided By Zero, Kina has found the ultimate intersection of her music and her activism in Musicians in Solidarity.

Kina grew up immersed in volunteer and social justice work, and has continued that work in her adult life, be it through a variety of established organizations or programs which she has launched herself. In 2014, she founded Flash Grub, “a secular, non-partisan organization dedicated to the organization of mass-participation in community outreach, and encouraging general kindness in the world”, which has been able to provide food support and essential items for hundreds of unhoused people over the years. In 2015, she took the helm of the Recycling Crew at Northwest String Summit, where she also performs frequently, implementing a composting program at the festival in 2018 and founding the Green Team. That same year, Kina had the honor of composing and recording the soundtrack for How Are the Children?, a film focused on the lives on Palenstian children in Israeli military detention. Throughout 2020, Kina has been a steadfast advocate for Black lives, and is an active participant in local Mutual Aid and Community efforts, including Moms United 4 Black Lives and Mxm Bloc.

In June of 2020, Kina was appointed Vice President of Musicians in Solidarity, and is proud to be a project manager for two of the nonprofit’s initiatives: Make Waves and Music and Stewardship.

Liz Chibucos of Far Out WestLiz Chibucos (She, Her, Hers)

Liz Chibucos is a composer, songwriter, performer, educator and sound engineer residing in Portland, OR. Raised in a family that valued diversity, advocacy and participation, she has been protesting and rallying for democratic principles and social justice ever since she was a young child.

Liz is an active and prolific member of the Portland music community, performing in projects such as Far Out WestThe Student Loan Stringband, Ashleigh Flynn and the RivetersTara Velarde and Laura Ivancie. She also runs sound at The Goodfoot Lounge, teaches private lessons through Montavilla Guitar Studioand has assisted fellow performers with booking and touring.

Liz has performed internationally in 17 different countries, touring extensively as a “cultural diplomat” for the U.S. Department of State. While overseas, Liz and her band performed free and public concerts, taught workshops, and in some cases, helped to facilitate official diplomatic exchanges between countries. These experiences also gave Liz a small but life-changing glimpse into the daily struggles and joys of everyday people all around the globe. They deepened her belief in the power of cooperation and solidified her commitment to fight for a more just and equitable world.

In addition to her musical experience, Liz has a background in accessibility work and disability advocacy. She has extensive experience converting print materials into digital formats which are accessible for blind and low-vision readers, and currently works with d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing consumers as a real-time TypeWell transcriptionist.


Alex Weinberg Alex Weinberg (He, Him, His)

Alex Weinberg brings a wide range of musical and Anti-Racism knowledge to musicians in Solidarity. He has joined/collaborated in various bands such as Mars Retrieval Unit and B.A.R.N. Since 2014, Alex has also been the frontman of local Portland, Oregon band, Fresh Track.

Alex started his career as a musician when he graduated from Portland State University in 2013 with a bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance, his main instrument at the time being the guitar. Alex has played the guitar since he was 13 years old and has had a penchant for music since this time. 

Alex is a welcome addition to the Musicians in Solidarity board due to his connections to the music community in Portland and his thoughtfulness when it comes to issues of race and racism. 

Alex lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Sarita Flores (an indigenous Latina Teacher of Anti-Racism) and his dog Rosie (a black lab).


Stephanie Anne Johnson

Stephanie Anne Johnson (They, Them, Theirs)

Stephanie Johnson is a vocalist, songwriter, and teaching artist with a passion and a hunger for social justice, environmental stewardship, and cookies.

Stephanie, like many working musicians plays a part in several current projects. They are front person for Stephanie Anne Johnson and The Hidogs,  a Radio Host for KNKX of Tacoma and a Teaching Musician for Corwin Deep Equity Training.

Past projects include competing as a finalist in season 5 of NBC’s The Voice, Opening up for Mavis Staples and working with young musicians with Rain City Rock Camp for Girls

We are thrilled to have Stephanie as an active member of the Board of Musicians in Solidarity and look forward to their contributions to the Music and Stewardship Program.


Sarita Flores (She, Her, Hers)

Sarita is a TechSmart Integration Coach for Portland Public Schools (PPS) and also a facilitator and co-creator of Anti-Racist Educator Tech Trainings in PPS. Originally from Boise, Idaho, Sarita went through the very white washed local school district, Boise Public Schools. Sarita knows what it’s like to be the only brown girl in school and knows the pains of being ignored by her white teachers with good intentions. Sarita is a co-moderator of the Facebook Group Anti-Racist Educators with over 8K members from all over the world. She has been an after school program lead, campfire enrichment teacher, a substitute teacher, a teacher of EBs (emergent bilinguals), a 1st-grade classroom teacher, and a TechSmart Coach during her career as an educator in Portland Public. Sarita is the founder and developer of the Anti-Racist Educator Hub. Sarita strives to be the brown female role model she never had. 

Sarita grew up in a very musical household, where she learned from a very young age to play guitar, bass, and violin. She would often play music with her father and siblings. She still sings and works from time to time with her husband on collaborations. Sarita is dedicated to bringing equity to music instruction, as well as all other areas of instruction, to the students she serves through PPS, as well as making sure students of underserved communities receive the opportunities to excel.