Rogue BIPOC Playlist Wednesday

Thank you for joining us! This list is only a sampling of BIPOC artists, we encourage you to delve deep and support! We also want to pay homage to a few that have come before us, whose music and heart shaped our lives and industry. 

greaterkind formed in Portland, OR in 2018 by three friends on a communal mission to spread love and inclusivity through the medium of music and agriculture. Channeling elements of jazz fusion and funk with undertones of R&B, gospel and hip hop, greaterkind sets out to do something that is new.The band includes Charlie Brown (keyboards),Cory Limuaco (drums), and Peter Knudsen (guitar/bass/vocals). While cultivating their own identity and music, gk has played for and backed many arts within their own realm of musicality.  Investigate. Like, follow and share.

Stephanie Anne Johnson is a creative force you want to know and won’t soon forget.  The Hidogs, which is comprised of touching pedal steel player Dan Tyack, swinging drummer Ivan Gunderson, pocket-perfect bassist Jesse Turcotte and the prolific Johnson, is a nimble quartet equal parts capable of shaking the shingles off a rooftop as making any stage feel like a Sunday service.  You can support Stephanie Anne Johnson and The HiDogs directly through Patreon to take advantage of new releases and exclusive content. 

Just like its herbal namesake, Cilantro’s music is uniquely flavorful in a way that stays with you, long after the song is over Cilantro’s formation was serendipitous, to say the least. Arlyn, born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Puerto Rico, had escaped Florida for LA, where she ended up living next door to Brendan, in the same apartment building. Wanting to share her powerful, Celia-Cruz style voice with the world, she knocked on Brendan’s door one day when he was recording with a friend and the rest is history. Check out the band on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Tyrone Hendrix is an extremely talented percussionist based out of Portland, Oregon.  Hendrix recently released a new album titled “Rhythm on Life Vol. 2.5” This albumis one of the first full-length releases on Farnell Newton’s recently launched Lofijazzsoul label. The lead single, Off the Top (feat. Dom Phenom),” is available for streaming and purchase now.

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