People Music Fundraising Drive

We are so thrilled to be hosting our first fundraising drive for a brand new, fledgling, BIPOC owned Portland record label, People Music. 

Our passion for music, equity and reshaping the industry collide in the vison statement for People Music, a label whose primary mission is to provide artists with 100% ownership and control over their music. Musicians In Solidarity has been lucky enough to work closely with this group as it gets off the ground, launching their first release (greaterkinds debut EP, Humphrey). 

This Sunday we will be live at Wilshire City Park with People Music and Sanctuary Produce Farm as part of a thank you fundraiser for Sanctuary, a farm dedicated to providing healthy, organic and free food shares to the BIPOC community. If you are in the area, we encourage you to join us. Please be masked, stay distanced, and celebrate community joy with us! 

In conjunction, People Music will be raising funds online to support their mission. PM is currently a volunteer based organization and all fees associated with distribution, music creation, art direction, etc  have been absorbed by the label owners. Musicians in Solidarity is hoping to call on our community to help support this amazing entity in their mission and future recording projects. We ask that you pitch in what you can to help us get this label off the ground and running, their vision pushes the music industry in a much needed direction. The fundraising drive will go LIVE at 10am on 9/6 to 10pm that evening. Every donation that comes our way will be given to this amazing organization. Please consider giving what you can! 

It is time for artists to take control, it’s time for us to shape our future. We are the people and we are the music makers, this industry should belong to us. 

People Music is a community based record label, resource and wellness hub and creative foundation that is built and managed by artists, for artists in the Greater Portland Area. Portland, Oregon has long been a celebrated nucleus for art and music, but as the city has grown, we have started to lose the creative heart beat of our city. Gentrification and profit driven legislation has rebranded us from an artistic haven to a smaller, less diverse, Silicon Valley. Creatives are struggling and we need the support of our community to rebuild as a creative center that focuses on artist support.